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Ingredient Commitment

All oils used to create our blends are 100% pure and therapeutic quality, many of them are also organic. Most of our carrier oils are organic. Each blend specifies which use organic oils and butters, and which do not.
We do not add synthetic additives-EVER.
Our blends are also free of:

  •  parabens (including butylparaben, methylparaben and  propylparaben)

  • mineral oil

  • sulfates

  • petroleum

  • and all the other gunk that is SO not good for you!

Our essential oils have been GC/MS tested by our supplier's third party labs, and recommended by international Aromatherapy experts.
Our herbs and spices are all from organic sources.

We buy our ingredients from companies who care about the environment and the sustainability of our plants. The products are not tested on animals, and are cruelty free.
We hand blend all of our oils, and design all of our labels so we can bring the very best to you.

Why Oils?


Learning how essential oils and plants can help us in our everyday lives is an amazing and ongoing educational experience. I've used herbal teas my whole life; when we were sick as children my mom always reached for the Chamomile tea, or if upset stomach it was Peppermint tea. Growing up in Germany, herbal remedies were (and still are) readily available. I love continuing to learn about new herbs and plants, and how their distilled properties impact our bodies.  I love what I do, and can't wait to help you to a better path of wellness

When You Get Your Order

We create our items in small, fresh batches. Please allow 5-7 business days for essential oil and herbal products to ship out.

  • Your oil/herb order will come with basic instructions, storage info, and any known cautions for each blend.

  • Please be sure and read all the cautions. We blend to order, so if you have any allergies, please let us know when ordering, in case we need to adjust the blend.

  • If you have questions about what is in the blends, please send us a message or email. 

  • Our herbs and spice blends are put together as ordered. We use only organic herbs and spices in our blends, and they are salt free (unless otherwise labeled as such).

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