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Bone-ifide salve

Available in a 2 oz container or 2 oz Twist up

Is it safe? YES! And for all ages (over 2 yrs)

How we use it: This blend is supportive when brusing or bone pain is present. These herbs and oils are known to have components that support broken bones, pain from injuries, bruising, swelling, arthritis, rheumatic pain, aches in joints, sprains, and strains.

Ingredients: organic beeswax, organic comfrey infused oil, organic st john's wort infused oil, organic plantain infused oil, organic calendula infused oil; essential oils: lavender, helichrysum, cypress, turmeric

Cautions: Please note people who are sensitive to St John's Wort, or are taking certain medications would do better to avoid this blend.

Bone-ifide salve, bone and nerve support


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