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Candy and Cauldrons

Available as a 5mL diffusing blend.

Time for trick or treat! candy, leaves, and cool breezes...

Oils used: copaiba balsam, ginger, fir needle, vanilla

Useful for: invigorating, soothing, positive energy, clarity, grounding, calms anger, seasonal illness support, opens airways

Cautions: none known

Smells like: a nice mix of sweet from the ginger and vanilla (not that fake smelling stuff...REAL vanilla) and a bit of earth and leaves. Kinda like eating a caramel apple while kicking up the leaves on the ground. (it does NOT smell like caramel, just trying to get the idea of the sweetness across.)

Candy and Cauldrons fall diffuser blend


10% of $50

  • If ordering for the winter holidays, be sure and order by Dec. 15th!

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