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Yule Ball

Available as a 5mL diffusing blend

While in the library studying, the flickering lights above create a sense of focus and calm. The scent of old books, stone walls, and a bit of smoke fills the air.

Oils used: juniper, cedarwood, petitgrain, frankincense, rosemary

Useful for: studying, supports clear, calm thinking, purifies negative energy, calming for the body, fatigue, clears and stimulates the mind, promotes positive emotions, supports memory and focus

Cautions: avoid diffusing around children under age 2, use caution with children between 5-10 yrs old. Diffuse only short periods of time

Smells like: more woodsy/smokey, a hint of herbal. It really does remind me of sitting in a library surrounded by books and a hint of candles burning. I've been told it is quite pungent.

Floating Candles diffuser blend, mental & emotional support


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