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Magic Carpet Ride

Available as a 10 mL roller bottle, pre-diluted and ready to anoint on the body.

A soothing, beautiful scent, Magic Carpet Ride (or MCR as we call it) is sweet, and slightly floral. I love this blend!

oils used: organic coconut oil, cedarwood, lavender, bergamot, ylang ylang, patchouli, +/-vanilla (choose with vanilla or without from the drop down)


useful: the oils in this blend have components that are known to support stress relief, calming, and bring peace. This blend may lift mood, when you are feeling blue, boost energy, and sharpens thinking. It's great to use when you are doing stresssful work where you need to be calm, and focus. Supports the immune system, emotional support, may soothes nerves, ease road rage, promotes feelings of joy and happiness


cautions: avoid on diseased or damaged skin, ylang ylang can cause mild headaches in people who are sensitive to this oil. 

Magic Carpet Ride, roller blend


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