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Available as a 2 oz room spray
Do you have or know of a kid who has trouble going to sleep? Are they scared that there are monsters under the bed or in the closet? This spray not only has the visual appeal to kids, it also promotes calm and relaxation! Let your child know that monsters can't stand the smell of this special Monster Spray, and they'll POOF - disappear as soon as they smell it. (the monster, not your kids...we promise!)
Spray it all around the room! This spray will help combat nightmares, and encourage pleasant dreaming.
Ingredients: Lavender Hydrosol (organic), Witch Hazel, Essential oils: Lavender, Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang (organic)
Because we do not use preservatives in our products, we recommend you use these sprays within 6 months. Storage in the refrigerator can lengthen the shelf life. Each spray comes in a light weight plastic PET (essential oil safe) bottle with spray top.

Monster Spray, Kids safe, sleep support


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