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Pepper Up

Available as a 5mL diffusing blend.

Feeling overwhelmed? too much to do? One whiff of the pepperminty Pepper Up potion will put a pep in your step, and sharpen your wits.

Oils used: black pepper, patchouli, cajeput, peppermint

Useful for: clears tension, confidence building, peps up energy, grounding, oils have components that are anti-inflammatory, balances emotions, sharpens wits, nourishes vital energy, fights those feelings of sadness, unhappiness, dejection, immunity support, great to diffuse during cold and flu season, breathing support

Cautions: Do not apply near the face of infants/children, inhalation by children young children should be avoided, should be avoided in instance of cardiac fibrillation (ask me for a substitute oil if this is you)

Smells like: clean peppermint part of Christmas with the earthier notes of pepper, without being woodsy. The patchouli warms it up, and the cajeput keeps it from being too earthy.

Pepper Up winter diffuser blend


10% of $50

  • If ordering for the winter holidays, be sure and order by Dec. 15th!

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