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Super Sacked Salve

Available in a 2 oz container

How we use it: This blend is helpful when you have muscle soreness, and tightness. 

Ingredients: organic arnica infused oil, organic chili infused oil, organic beeswax, organic coconut oil,  essential oils: fir needle, juniper, laurel leaf, pine

Cautions: do not use on children under 5 yrs. old, 1.8 cineole can cause breathing issues, use caution with children 5-10 yrs. old, do not apply to broken skin or open sores


SOLD OUT-When this item goes out of stock, you can pre-order it. Generally the infused oils I make for this blend take 2-3 weeks to infuse properly. Send me a note if you want to know when the next batch will be ready. Meanwhile, you can pre-order and I will ship asap once the oils are done.

SUPER Sacked Wonder Salve


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