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Wizard Weekend

Available as a 5mL diffusing blend.

The snow starts to fall as you and your friends are walking through the village, the smell of Christmas sweets and pine is in the air.

Oils used: orange (organic), clove bud (organic), allspice, balsam fir, cedarwood, vanilla, fir needle

Useful for: uplifting, emotionally balancing, grounding, calming, nourishes vital energy, motivation, mental clarity, focus, concentration, purifying, energizing, respiratory issues, congestion.

Cautions: none known

Smells like: is a sweet smelling blend. Have you ever made a Christmas porcupine with an orange and you stick cloves all over it? It smells a lot like that, and a hint of Christmas tree.

Wizard Weekend winter diffuser blend


10% of $50

  • If ordering for the winter holidays, be sure and order by Dec. 15th!

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