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Yule Ball

Available as a 5mL diffusing blend

Walking in a snowy garden, surrounded by brightly lit trees, enjoying the evening with your friends. The scent of pine and fresh crisp air puts a smile on your face.

Oils used: ho wood, black spruce, pine, organic spearmint, star anise

Useful for: relaxing, uplifting, balance, confidence, invigorating, opens the airways, supports immune system, seasonal breathing support, great to diffuse during cold and flu season.

Cautions: avoid around children under 5 yrs, if pregnant, or nursing, estrogen sensitive cancers

Smells like: a bit woodsy, but the spearmint adds a nice crispness to it. It also smells a tiny bit like licorice from the star anise, but it's not overwhelming. It adds a cool note, reminds me of the smell the snow in the air.

Yule Ball diffuser blend, emotional and seasonal support


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  • If ordering for the winter holidays, be sure and order by Dec. 15th!

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