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French Press Teas: A How-To

Don't be intimidated by the French Press. We're here to guide you! Honestly, there is no simpler way to make a great pot of tea than by using a French Press!

You can pick up a press from almost anywhere, but we suggest supporting local when you can! They run anywhere from 8$ to 50$ depending on how fancy you want to go but they all do the same thing. Look for one that does not have any plastic parts, as the stainless steel ones tend to hold up longer.

Making the Tea

Once you have your press, decide how much tea you want to make. I make mine by the thermos full, so I pour the water into my thermos, and then pour it into my water boiler. (or pot, tea kettle, etc. what ever you want to use to heat your water. But please don't microwave it!) Different types of teas require different water temperatures. See my tea temperature post here for best practices.

For this example, we will do a black tea based blend. This requires water to be just boiling. Take the plunger out of the press. Place the herbs in the bottom of the press. Use 1 heaping tsp per 8 ounces of water. If you want your tea stronger, add more tea. Don't brew it longer, as it can make it very bitter.

Pour the hot water into the press. Place the plunger on top, do not press down. Just make sure the lid part is sitting securely so your tea is covered while it steeps. Set the timer, so you don't over steep. We suggest 3-6 minutes for black tea. Find the right timing for all teas here. Leaving the screen part of the plunger at the top allows the herbs to expand, and infuse the water with all their healthy goodness.

Once the timer goes off, gently push the plunger down to strain the herbs. This pushes them to the bottom and holds them there. Pour your tea into your thermos, cup, etc. Carefully remove the plunger/lid and rinse.

Enjoy it again!

If you are drinking the tea for 'fun' you can certainly brew the same leaves again. (Just check to make sure they aren't spoiled.) BUT if you are drinking them for therapeutic benefit, you've got the best components out of the herbs the first time, so compost the herbs, or throw away if you don't have a compost.

I hope you will try out a French press the next time you brew your tea.

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