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Hello and Welcome

Thank you for checking out our new website! We know there are a lot of changes happening here, including the addition of this brand new blog! This blog will serve as a dedication to what you can find on our website. We might go over recipes, particular herbs, interesting tidbits, and how-tos.

If you can't find something on our website that was on the old one, never fear. We are taking this roll out slow and starting with limited product. We are also cutting some products and trimming down. If you are interested in purchasing a product that is not currently listed on the website but we used to have, please send us an email or chat with us via facebook or the chat box right here in-site and we can help!

We hope this new website is easier and better for you. We know a lot of you have been requesting profiles and saving items and now you can! Again, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Here's to a fresh look and new start. Thank you again for all of your support.

-Pamela and Katie

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1 Comment

Ursula R Land
Ursula R Land
Nov 03, 2022

Woot! Loving this new site & platform! Much cleaner and easier on the eyes; easier to find stuff, loved the log-in option and capability of saving charge info for faster checkouts. First purchases was super smooth! Thanks! Love your products and the care you take to ensure they are the greatest quality you can source! 💖

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