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Not Your Mama's Lemon Pepper spice blend

Available in 3 sizes! 1 oz, 2 oz, or 4 oz

I was playing around with dried lemon powder and experimenting with combing it with pepper to see if I could come up with a flavor I liked. This blend ended up so far away from your standard lemon pepper! My sister fell in love with it so for her, here it is.

All herbs and spices we use are organic, and salt free.

What's in the blend?

black pepper, lemon peel, lemon essence (not organic), sage leaf, ancho chili, garlic powder, thyme, onion powder, summer savory, brown sugar sucralose blend, celery seed

Not Your Mama's Lemon Pepper spice blend

PriceFrom $4.95

10% of $50

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